Project Description

ADhD Counseling & Coaching Services

What is coaching?

Coaching takes you where you’re at and through the hard parts of life so you can get where you want to be. Sometimes when we start coaching, people feel lost, discouraged and have no idea where they want to go. They just know that there has to be more to life than what they are living. Often the years of negative comments toward someone with ADHD leaves them believing what others have said about them. Together, we can explore the truth about who you really are and how your awesome brain works. You will get to know yourself in a way that you can enjoy being you and create the life you’ve always wanted. As your coach, I will see you weekly or bi-weekly and be available to you between visits for short consults. Together we will discover the hidden gems of your specific ADHD brain.

What is counselling?
Counselling is about discovering the things in your past that are holding you back. Sometimes, in the process of coaching, we may come upon something from your past that is keeping you from moving forward. I will then suggest that we do one or two counselling sessions so we can resolve the problem and continue moving forward with coaching.

How do services work?

– You can call or email me with a few questions or comments about ADhD at 905.802.0023 or Once we have spoken and decide to work together, we will set up a consultation.

ADhD Learning Centre provides coaching for adults and children with ADhD or with ADhD like symptoms and for the people in their lives.
Coaching is available in my office face to face, online or by phone from anywhere in the world.​

Workshops such as: What is ADhD?, Couples: When One or Both Have ADhD, Parenting Children with ADhD, From Reactive to Responsive, Feeling Good About Making Decisions and more.
Public Speaking Engagements to raise awareness or to help organizations understand ADhD.
Training staff to better understand and help adults and children manage their ADhD.
Advocacy in schools and in the workplace.

Dedicated to making communities ADhD friendly!