ADHD Alert!

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Even though I’m an ADHD Specialist, sometimes my ADHD gets out of hand. When I start losing things again, feeling panicked or anxious, having sleep problems, noticing ticks, forgetting simple things and other ADHD related issues, I have to look at when this started and what changed around that time. In this case, it’s easy [...]


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I often get asked how to know if any therapist/counsellor/coach/psychiatrist/psychologist will be good with someone with ADHD. The first article is a very good guide. Having someone who specializes in ADHD is actually very important. Down the page, you will find questions to ask your doctor and information about medications in Canada. I’ve added [...]


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The Disciplinarian Somewhere along the line, this therapist got the idea that what adults with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADD/ADHD) need is a good rap on the knuckles and a serious time-out. You’ll know you’re in a session with a Disciplinarian when tasks are assigned to you, like homework, between sessions. Then come the [...]