I am a creative, fun loving adult with ADHD.​​ When I finally chose to learn about my unique brain wiring and discovered how awesome it is, I was so empowered that I just had to share.​

Short version of my life:​​

Things that were noticeable from a young age:

External hyperactivity; very risky behaviours; extremely creative – another idea every few minutes; quick thinker; very impulsive; always needing to understand the purpose of what I was doing; big lack of boundaries; very passive; lots of fears; low self-esteem; Talked excessively and often drained people; constantly doubting myself; avoided making decisions in fear of making the wrong one; needing a lot of encouragement and nurturing; extremely black and white thinking/sometimes explained as all or nothing behaviour; interested in everything; promiscuous; extremely intelligent; extremely curious; socially awkward; very intense; and too trusting.

I grew up in the 70s when ADHD information was almost non-existent; particularly in Northern Ontario. I often felt rejected, unaccepted and definitely different. What happened because of these ADHD traits, is a much longer story.

I tell you all of this to assure you that I speak from experience. I have lived a chaotic life with ADHD before coaching. It was a mess! I felt set up for failure, and that has brought me on this amazing journey of finding a way to help people set themselves up for success by making significant changes. YES! It can be done, no matter how severe your ADHD; no matter how deeply in trouble you are. If you are ready for change, coaching can help you find a life of purpose, peace and happiness.

I do not diagnose ADHD and I do not debate whether or not there is a need for medication.

Some people do very well with coaching alone; others need medication and coaching.

For some people, medication allows them to use their entire brain for the first time.

My specialized training comes from ADDCA, the only fully accredited ADHD Coach Academy in the world; regulated by the International Coach Federation.

I am also a member of CADDAC, ADDA, the Ontario College of Teachers and the Ontario College of Social Service Workers.